Are you ready?

My mom always says that it's the busiest people who have the most time. It's true. It's still summer but there is no denying that a new school year is fast approaching. And, with the advent of the school year, it's time to think about the holidays. In the past, I was hyper-organized and got a lot done everyday - I was homeschooling four kids, acting as a chauffeur, an active volunteer and managing a small business. Now? Ahem. Still homeschooling one, still active volunteer and just starting a small business. More free time does not necessarily mean more productivity in my case. So, today, I'm taking my time back. And, I'm bringing you with me. 

In the past, I've always kept a version of a bullet journal. The link is great if you are not familiar with the concept. One notebook that contains everything you need. It's not a book of to-do lists. It's a way to manage everything from ongoing things like grocery shopping to keeping track of books to read, birthdays, upcoming projects, just about anything you can think of can go into your bullet journal.  What does this have to do with furniture you ask? 

We all have areas in our house where we're on the look out for the perfect piece of furniture, art or organizational tool.  The problem we run into, however, is when you find yourself in a great shop looking at something you love and wondering if it will fit or match or if you already have something like it. If you have your bullet journal, this sort of dilemma is no longer a problem. 

In my bullet journal, I always keep a few pages open for my own house. The pages are well marked in the index of the journal so I can find them quickly.  For each room of the house, I add a mini-list: 

  • Room dimensions - include ceiling height and any quirky niches as well
  • Room's color/brand of paint/finish (if you have it, staple a couple swatch in there)
  • Room's trim color/brand of paint/finish
  • Furniture to look for: 
  • Art:
  • Other:

Because I always have my bullet journal with me, I always have this information! Another trick is to mark the inside cover of your journal as a ruler. You can take quick measurements while you're out and about.

I also usually keep a page in my journal with notes from books, magazines, websites to remind me of suppliers, ideas to try and additional resources.  

Yes, you can do all of these things on your phone or tablet. I prefer the journal because I can always get to it, it doesn't need charging AND, most importantly, I remember things better if I actually write them down.  If you haven't tried a bullet journal, this is the perfect time of year to give it a go!  Let me know how it works for you.