Art as Inspiration

art inspiration.jpg

I'm writing this in my newly electrified house post Hurricane Irma. Two days without internet and I can say without a doubt that I was WAY past due for a break. I cannot even tell you how many times I went to look something up or ask someone a question via my laptop or phone. And, guess what? No one is there!!!!!! I miss my “imaginary friends” but I am also amazed at how dependent I have become on the internet.

Tonight I'm a little restless. We did clean up all morning and early afternoon. I wimped out after two big blisters ripped open. Then I took a LONG nap. Now I'm awake – writing blog posts. It's crazy! I have a huge stack of books in front of me and I'm having to make notes about which pics to insert when we get our internet back. Definitely feeling 1990-ish here.

I'm planning to work on the trunks I have out in the garage in a bit. I was torn on what to do with them. However, after an afternoon of browsing through old art and quilt books, I think I have a plan. I'm excited. It's not a Pinterest plan. It's not a plan that I had a chance to ask a lot of other people about. But, I have a couple of great pictures here to help me with color and texture and finish. I hope my instincts are right.

When was your last extended internet break? Did anything interesting come of it?

Amy J Baker