The Thing About Paint

color watches.jpg

Most people I know HATE to paint. They hate the thought of it. They hate choosing a color. And, usually, when they do paint, they are painting vast areas of their homes. I understand and, yet, at the same time, I don't get it. Paint is amazing!

A gallon of paint can transform a room faster and better than buying all new furniture. And, it's paint! If you hate it, paint over it! Of course, I am assuming that you are painting the room yourself. If you're paying someone to paint it, that's pricier and way more stressful.

Before you (or someone else) paints – do some samples. Any of the box stores will cut a piece of drywall into squares (if you're painting on drywall). Use a primer to cover your squares first. Then try the paint you like straight on the drywall. Put it in the room you're painting and see how it changes in the light. Move it around the room.

Consider glaze. A glaze over a paint color can be just the transformation you're looking for. You can get glaze at any box store. It will add depth and some contour to the color you've chosen. If someone is painting for you – ask them for a glazed sample.

Other thoughts:

  • If you're painting a small room, consider a dark color in a matte or satin finish. You'll be amazed at how big the room looks. If you're really brave, do an accent wall in a bold matching wallpaper. Who knew a powder room could look so amazing?

  • If you like the idea of painting your entire house in one color, consider mixing variants of the shades on the paint card or even in another color you like but don't want to dominate your house. Each room will be the same color with a slight variation. This works especially well with grays/blues/whites and beige/whites/andalmostanycolor!

Really, it's just paint. But, the right paint can change your attitude and your whole home. Stop thinking about it and just do it.