Changing Rooms

changing rooms sand.jpg

One of the early HGTV shows, Changing Rooms, used to be must-see tv for me. It was the show where neighbors got to go into each others houses and totally redecorate one room.I found a book based on the show on my bookcase this evening. Ummmm . . . WOW! The show I most remember was one where the neighbors came into a room with a sunken living room and decided that their friends liked the beach and what could be better than to fill the sunken part of the living room with sand! It was a perfect train wreck.

Anyway I started thinking about my most “Changing Rooms” bad decision. I also started thinking about what I would want someone from that show to do to my house.

  1. One of my worst decisions ever was to wallpaper the boys bathroom when they were around 2-3 years old. Yep. Wallpaper and potty training little boys are never good together. Scraping said wallpaper is fitting punishment for this crime.

  1. I would want someone to replace all the flooring in this house and make it all the same. I hate going from tile to wood to carpet – especially the carpet. In reality, I shudder to think what any of our neighbors would do. It would probably be kind of weird. With Mike's beer-making and my constant painting I could see us ending up with a giant workshop instead of a living room. Which would be weird. But, I don't know if I'd totally hate it either.

What was your worst Changing Room-ish mistake? Would you go on the show? What would you want them to do?