Meet the Merchandise I

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I spend so much time with "my furniture" that I forget that you haven't actually met. This mid-century modern secretary desk was something I picked up when we were staging our old house for sale. It's very tall at 80 1/2" but when it's all closed up it's only 15" deep. It's perfect for a small space where you need a lot of storage. I used it for all of my sewing stuff. It's the perfect size for a sewing machine. 

When I bought it, I slapped a quick coat of white paint on it to hide the years of abuse the desk had clearly suffered.  I planned to continue using it for my sewing cabinet in our new house. It has been up and down the stairs (Mike and Andy may never forgive me for that - it's very heavy.) multiple times and I've tried it in every room. I just did not work for us here. 

It was relegated to the garage where I spent a lot of time looking at it and trying to figure out what in the world to do with it. The front panel that makes up the desk and the inside of the cabinet are pretty wood. Other parts - particularly the sides could not be repaired in a way that staining the wood would look pretty. 

One afternoon when we had a bunch of people over for a cookout, one of the people congregated in our garage (We have a perfectly nice house yet people are all crammed into the kitchen with overflow going into our nasty garage - drives me nuts.) anyway, someone was looking at my furniture hoard and commented that the desk looked like something from the set of Bewitched - the old series. I agreed. So, I went from Bewitched to witch to black. That's how my mind works. 

Anyway, I love it now. While I have it up for sale, I keep dragging it around the house trying to figure out where it could go - I don't want to give it up now. But, it is simply not a good fit for this house. 

It'll find a home. I keep hoping someone named Samantha or Endora will buy it. Wouldn't that be awesome? 


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