Thrift Like a Scout

thrift necessities.jpg

Are you ready to start your adventure into the world of thrift stores, estate sales and all the rest? Mentally you may be there. But, don't walk out the door without a few essentials. Think like a Boy Scout - be prepared.

  • It's a good idea to keep notes on what you are searching for on hand. I use a notebook but, you might be more comfortable using your phone. The things I keep notes on include: room measurements; specific paint colors in my house; specific furniture I'm looking for; specific decor items; specific articles of clothing, etc.
  • If you're trying to cover a lot of ground in one day, pack a small cooler with drinks and snacks to avoid detours. Being hangry affects your negotiating skills!
  • Keep a portable phone charger in your bag. Nothing is worse than a dead battery half-way-through your excursion.
  • If, like me, you're celebrating this thing called middle age pack an extra pair of reading glasses. Unless you're looking to make new friends - then leave your glasses at home and find someone of a similar age and ask to borrow theirs. Your call.
  • Put a measuring tape in your purse and leave it there! I found my cute floral pink tape at Hobby Lobby or one of those places. My sons and husband don't even recognize it as a measuring tape so it never disappears!
  • Funds. More and more it's easy to use a credit card anywhere with things like Paypal and Square. Still, it's always prudent to have some cash on hand. Also, if you're serious about this, start a small account to use for those wonderful and rare moments when you find the EXACT thing you've been looking for. Use your back up account, get the magic piece, and still feed your family.
  • Be comfy - especially your feet. Wear comfy shoes and thank me later. If you're shopping for clothes items - consider wearing slimmer clothing that you can just pull things over without need of a dressing room. 

Now, you're ready! Go forward and shop!!!! Let me know if you find something awesome.