Kitchen Makeovers - Who Needs Help?

Bings kitchen before 1.jpg

Let the makeovers begin! As I get ready to launch the kitchen cabinet side of my business, I need to build my portfolio and get some practice with the details. My first guinea pig is Bing, my mom. Oh yeah, easy you say. Ummm . . . no. While my mom is my biggest cheerleader she also has borne witness to my most spectacular disasters. When I started talking to her about her kitchen it was not cause for excitement on her part. Just like when I was seven, I finally wore her down. (Wine may or may not have been involved.) 

Bing kitchen primer.jpg

We started in earnest today. I'm so excited. My mom's house is beautiful and the kitchen is a great space. The original cabinets, however, were dating the space and starting to look tired. Yesterday, I helped my mom empty and clean cabinets, took the doors and hinges off and shopped for supplies.  Today, everything was cleaned thoroughly, sanded lightly and a coat of primer was applied. 

As you can see, even with just the primer, the space is looking and feeling bigger and lighter. I can't wait to get there tomorrow and do some more. Added bonus? I'm a night owl so I'm going to spend the night. My mom can go to bed when she wants and I can start messing with her kitchen tables and chairs. 

How do you fit into this? If you're in Orlando, I'd like to offer my services to two people in need of a kitchen makeover. There will be a fee but it will be substantially less than I will charge in the future. If you've been thinking about having your cabinets painted, this is a deal. If you're looking for a cheap kitchen fix, maybe not. (That doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy to answer questions and help you do it yourself!) We can talk about colors, finishes, styling, kitchen/dining furniture or islands and anything else you'd like. If you're interested, leave a comment or send me a message at