28 Years in a Blink

How is it possible that I’ve been married for 28 years? I have (mostly) grown kids. I’m starting a new business? Most of the time I don’t think about it. This week has had me ruminating.

I’ve been working on a new kitchen. Scott and Stacey are newlyweds. He’s a pilot. She’s a flight attendant. Unsurprisingly, they are not home a lot. In fact, I just met Stacey for the first time this afternoon. Mostly, I’ve been hanging out with their awesome German Shepherd, Koal. Koal has no clue that he’s not a lap dog. If I’m on the floor painting, his front paws and head are in my lap. Not a problem until he falls asleep and then I feel bad moving.

Anyway, it’s a great house. Great kitchen. They are NOT fans of the grain in their oak cabinets. I’ve taken out the majority of the grain in other kitchens. This set of cabinets, however, is not cooperating. For me, it’s a challenge. If nothing else, I’m trying lots of new products! It’s going to be beautiful when it’s done.

But, as I’ve been driving (they are 45 minutes from me), cleaning, priming, filling, re-priming, etc. I get to know people by their cabinet contents. This kitchen has been so fun because there are Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs, remnants of pre-wedding events and the obvious combination of two different households - LOTS of coffee.

A lot of what I do is tedious, but necessary work. Gives me lots of time to think. I’ve had moments this week where it feels like just yesterday Mike and I were planning our own wedding. And, there have been other moments where I think . . . how did I get here? (Cue Talking Heads)

In the background to this job, I’ve been dealing with serious heartbreak for one son, a husband who is sporting a big black boot in testament to the fact that he really is no longer 30 and three other sons making their way. I’ve got random thoughts roaming through my head about the upcoming holidays . . . and, I’m sitting on a counter top in a home that is just getting started.

In this kitchen, there is a definite plan to blend styles. I wonder where this couple will be in 28 years? I used to love very feminine decor. Then, I met Mike. Had four boys. Discovered the beauty of distressed everything. It certainly wasn’t my plan. But, who has a life that has gone according to plan?

What are your thoughts? How has your style changed over the years? Do you look back now and cringe (I admit to having rose colored trim and bookshelves in our first house)? Or have you stayed steady and true to your original style? Just curious.

Amy J Baker