We're Just Not That Pinterest-able. Are you? Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I love me some Pinterest. I love seeing the perfect of the perfect. Since it’s inception in 2009, I’ve been an avid Pinterester. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve aspired to a lot of things as well. However, after nearly 10 years, I’ve come to accept that I am never going to have a Pinterest-worthy Thanksgiving. And, more importantly, I don’t think I really want one. (And, it’s not me being bitter because I know I can never pull it off either! Really.) (It’s not.)

thanksgiving dining room.jpg

We never know how many people we’re going to have. Last year it was 30+ (in this same room). This year, I think we’ll have 14-15. That should be more manageable, right? I have two nice (not pretty but, nice and sturdy) tables and am slowly dragging in my mismatched chairs and benches. I’m not feeling the charm. Half of what you see is for a kitchen estimate in the morning. That will be gone. I’ll pretty it up. But . . . this is where I usually work on furniture (notice the stack of trunks in the corner and the random assortment of dressers?) and it is what it is.

thanksgiving living room.jpg

This is the current state of my living room. Notice the empty, un-Pinterest-worthy mantle? I had ambitions sometime last week. Not happening. I don’t want to move the furniture until I figure out where a Christmas tree can fit so we don’t have to move everything again in less than a month.


So, we’re just going to go with it. It always works out. We always have fun. Everyone fits at the table no matter how many there are. Sure, I’ll clean things up and move the furniture. But, it’ll just be imperfect us and our perfectly imperfect guests. And, it’s going to be awesome!