Once a nerd, always a nerd.

narnia final.jpg

I love books. I love words. I love cereal boxes with words. I love buses with words. I can’t not read. But, I can’t not paint either. I love color - good, bad, ugly, loud, all of it. I love texture. When I can combine it all? (Can you hear the angels singing?) It’s the best thing ever.

Many months ago, I pinned a post from https://blesserhouse.com that featured an amazing wardrobe she did for her daughter. The wardrobe itself was beautiful and Lauren transformed it into a magical piece of furniture that will live in her family for generations to come. She also generously provided a tutorial of what she did.

When I saw a fun old wardrobe available about two months ago, I could not resist. My kids are all over 6’ tall now - no way will they be cramming into this reading nook - even if they did still live at home. Still, someone has a child or grandchild who will think this is as magical as I do (and as I would have when I was 7-8-9-10-30).

I kind of love this picture. The Narnia cabinet is staged right next to the Harry Potter Christmas tree. I kind of want to drag out an Alice in Wonderland mirror to complete the picture.

It’s currently available in my shop. If you have any questions or want some help creating something like this on your own - please ask!

narnia inside 4.jpg