One Kitchen - Four Makeovers
feb 19 kitchen 1.jpg

April will mark three years that we have been in our current house. In that time, I have painted our kitchen cabinets 4, yes you read correctly, times. Insane? A little. However, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I’d rather not hate the space. Also, I like to paint so it’s not a huge deal. Here’s a little gallery of the kitchen’s slow transformation.

The kitchen is about 30 years old. You can see that when we moved in little had been changed. It’s a great kitchen - just very dated and very brown.

2175 cs 3.jpg

Initially, I painted the cabinets a dark gray from Behr - Battleship. Great color.

kitchen 1.jpg

Here is where I also experimented with faux marble countertops. (I’ll be revisiting that in the near future - stay tuned!) Unfortunately, I did not seal these countertops well enough and we decided to do concrete countertops. The gray concrete and dark gray cabinets were just too, too much. About a year after this picture, I went with distressed blue cabinets. Here.

kitchen 2.jpg

I actually loved these with the concrete counters and the old palette back splash.

But . . . I get restless. I had a break between doing other people’s cabinets and started out to paint these cabinets white. I got about half-way through and realized that white would be a disaster given my husband’s style of cooking. I want him to keep cooking so, I went with a distressed white. Here.

baker kitchen 3.jpg

Initially I really liked these. But after a while the combination of the backsplash and the cabinets felt too chaotic to me. Six months later, I took everything down and did it again. I think this one will stay for awhile. I used Sherwin Williams Functional Gray. It’s perfect. I also painted the backsplash SW Alabaster. Overall it feels much calmer in here. Except for the counters . . . I think those will be next.

feb 19 kitchen 4.jpg