Things to Think About Before Hiring Someone to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

NEVER EVER EVER EVER use latex paint on a cabinet. EVER.  Any questions?

NEVER EVER EVER EVER use latex paint on a cabinet. EVER. Any questions?

The online world is amazing - you can learn to do just about anything. If you put the time in, you can learn to do just about anything well. This is true if you are looking to paint your kitchen cabinets. The reality is that most of us don’t put the time in and work from one Pinterest post or one blog - diving in headlong. I know I’m guilty.

Kitchen cabinets are a big deal. For many of us the kitchen is where we spend the bulk of our time. We want that space to feel “right.” For sure you can paint your own cabinets. The key is, how long do you want them to last? If you are looking to DIY your kitchen cabinets, know that it’s a process and not a weekend job.

I try to be up front with my customers. I am definitely not the lowest estimate you’ll get. But, in the end, be careful where you’re saving money.

If you’re looking to get your kitchen cabinets painted there are some questions you should ask before hiring.

  • Have they described their process?

    • Do they remove doors/drawer fronts/hardware and clean/degrease them?

    • Can they change out/add/replace existing hardware with nothing showing of older pieces?

      • Do they offer a great supplier of hardware not available at big box stores? At a discount?

    • Do they clean/sand/prime everything?

    • Do they sand between each coat of primer / paint?

    • Do they stand behind the paint they use?

      • Does it need a topcoat?

      • Does it hold up to high usage?

      • Will they come back within a year of finishing your kitchen to touch things up or correct errors?

    • Are they insured?

    • Do you get the sense they understand what you want and how it will fit into the rest of your home?

I’m here in Central Florida and I can make your kitchen beautiful! If you are on a super-tight budget, I offer workshops that teach you in a hands-on way how to do it yourself. If you want to do your own cabinets, learn how to do it the right way and save yourself the headache/heartache/budgetache of “winging it.”

Don’t hate it! Paint it.

Don’t hate it! Paint it.