DIY Kitchen Cabinet Workshop

Your chance to learn the ins and outs of cabinet painting!

Your chance to learn the ins and outs of cabinet painting!

Do you hate your kitchen cabinets (or bathroom vanities)? Are you also on a budget? This is the workshop for you! I have six spots for people looking to learn how to paint their kitchen cabinets on their own or with a little bit of help.

You CAN Get professional looking AND lasting results. Yes, you can spend hours on Pinterest, YouTube and Google working out the best way to get great-looking cabinets. OR you can join me. I’ll teach you everything I know in a hands-on way.

I have always been willing to paint anything that doesn’t run away from me. This is not always a good thing. Benefit from my mistakes! I have learned MUCH over the years. Save your time, money and energy from making my mistakes. Do it right the first time around.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A complete start-to-finish hands on experience

  • Start

    • Vision

    • Color choices

    • Finish

  • Hands-on

    • Creating a kitchen map

    • Taking apart your kitchen

    • Addressing repairs

    • Cleaning

    • Sanding

    • Priming

      • best options for your specific cabinets

  • Painting

    • Paint choices

    • Brushing & rolling

    • Getting the cleanest finish

    • Spraying paint

  • Hardware

    • To keep or replace existing hardware

      • Choice

      • How to fill and drill for new hardware

    • Choosing finishes that tie into your existing kitchen or your future kitchen

  • Up for discussion

    • Color palettes

    • Tying your new kitchen into the rest of your home

    • Counter and back splash option for the DIYer

  • Timeline

    • Time management for the DIY cabinet painter

      • Make it work no matter your schedule or life

  • Supply List

    • A compete top-to-bottom supply list

      • suggested products and WHY they are suggested

      • sectioned list to make each stage easy to shop and budget for

  • Back up

    • Two hours of access to me via text or email as you’re working through your project

  • A simple, yet delicious lunch and (non-alcoholic) beverages throughout workshop - maybe a celebratory beverage when we finish!

  • DATE: Saturday, July 27, 2019

  • TIME: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

  • COST: $100/person or $150/couple