Painting a Tile Floor - Let's all learn from my mistakes!

shower floor painted 1.jpg

We bought this house because the location was right and because, even though there was much I didn’t like, there was more that I did like. You’ve watched me paint and repaint my kitchen cabinets. (Still gray by the way!) Now, due to a leak in our bathroom, you can join me in painting our tile floors.


    • STIX primer - this stuff is the BEST primer if you are working on surfaces that will not bleed through (like Oak).

    • Paint - Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim

    • Stencil - buy or make your own

    • Lots of tape!

    • Small artist brushes for touch ups

Quick explanation - our bathroom is weird. It’s laid out weird. The whole sink/ dressing/ tub area is CARPETED!!!!! Who does that? And, we’re kind of like, “Who waits to fix it?” All the tile and fixtures are original. When the plumber said he was going to have to rip out some tiles in the shower stall I thought no big deal. But, it’s hard to find “bisque” tile in 2019. You CAN find it but once you find it you realize you hate it too much to pay for it. It’s like showering in a prison - at least my version of prison.

We picked up white tile and made the repairs to the shower walls. I decided to paint the mismatched shower walls. I’ve done it before and it works really well. Painting the floors/bottoms of tubs - not so much except maybe in a little used guest bath. So, I painted the walls. WOW! So, why not? Let’s paint the floor in there and while I’m at it, let’s paint the ugly “bisque” laminate counter top?

shower before.jpg
shower painted 1.jpg
shower stencil.jpg

For now, let’s talk about the floor. It’s a teeny tiny area. The floor tiles were fine just not my thing. Kind of a darker terra cotta in a space with no natural light. Meh. They made the room feel dark and dingy and they were not working with the newly painted white tiles. I’ve seen some stunning pictures on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to figure it out for myself.

Our tiles are an off size. I decided to make my own stencil on my still-new-to-me Silhouette Cameo.

  • TIP #1: Make sure your stencil will connect logically with the previous stencil! I did not consider this. I also did not measure accurately enough.

Still, I plug on. I like the daisies and this is a TRULY TINY space. Once the shower curtain is back up and the bathroom rug is in place, the floor will be imperfect but charming. And, I’ve learned so much!

  • TIP #2: If you are dealing with large tiles, pick a stencil that can work 4-ways to create a complete pattern. OR pick a totally random pattern where it won’t matter where you placed your stencils.

My next project will be the half-bath downstairs and ultimately our giant entry foyer. I’m just learning as a go and trying not to stress.

shower floor painted 1.jpg